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Take That – RNA

Hey, so, about a month ago I began my RNA Tamer diet.  This is a follow up to my progress.  It is a bit rough because I neglected to journal my experiences, at first, mainly because the changes are so subtle, but they are happening quickly.  And, also, because I have been dealing with a sick child, and her sick friends.

Within a few days I shed a bunch of excrement that was loose and very foul smelling.  Since that day my excrement has been very reduced.  The growler wasn’t happy with diet and would growl at me.  I know it wasn’t because I was hungry, I had just ate.  It was because IT was hungry.  I can tell the difference now.  So, each time it growled I fed it more of the alkalized water.

Then a few days later, I experienced a headache that felt like a tension headache or an MSG headache.  I don’t eat MSG, and the muscles that would normally cause my tension headache were not tight.  So, I figured it was the biogenic amines trying to get out of there.  I fed myself a couple shots of flax oil, took some gaba and theanine, ate some acidic fruit, very slowly, and then held the pieces of citrus skins in my mouth, and then laid down for a nap.  I awoke after a couple hours of rest and the headache was gone.

A couple days later I was headed out to run some errands and while walking through one of the stores I felt something pop and then drain in my right ear.  I really expected to feel some wetness coming out of my ear, but none did, even with provocation (later in day) with q-tips, nothing, even, less ear wax than normal.  Immediately after the draining feeling stopped I noticed a huge reduction in the tinnitus which I had experienced for many many years (almost thought it was normal to have all that noise going on in my ears).  I thought the ringing was due to all the unprotected gun shooting I had done over the years.

Although, I didn’t notice when the left ear followed suit with pop and drain, within a couple more days the tinnitus in that ear was greatly reduced.  Currently, I do not experience tinnitus in either ear and other noises around me are easier to distinguish now.  I had been having trouble distinguishing noises since high school, like in a crowded place I could hear everything at once, and it would be difficult to single out the conversation I was in, at times.  There have even been times in my life when this was almost unmanageable.

I could really feel the growler move out of the upper areas of my body and I felt like it was more centralized in what could be considered the lower chakras of my body or like it was still in my bowels.  And it was still trying to control me from those lower chakras, with feelings of nervous butterflies in belly.

During the first couple weeks, I also experienced a rejection of blackheads on my face and old ingrown hairs on my body that had healed, but left blemishes, were clearing up.  I would feel a little itch then reach for it and find something, thinking it was a bug or something, I would roll it off and find it looked like a black head.  This happened for a few days before I realized that I need to look and see what was going on, and sure enough the blackheads were all just falling out of my face.  I used to experience a blackhead on my left forearm near my elbow occasionally.  So, figured I would inspect it to see if it had left as well.

While attempting to find that occasional blackhead on my forearm, I noticed a change in some of my sun spots.  One in particular had dried a bit so I tried to scratch it off, but it didn’t budge.  I watched it for a day or so and then realized to look at my face and found reduced freckles and age spots on my face.  Freckles, wtf, I have had these since I was a kid.  So, all my skin blemishes are going through some kind of changes.  The sun spots on my back, from a sunburn I experienced 14 years ago, in Santa Fe, are almost gone.

During this time, I had also experienced some vision changes, it was a little difficult to focus on small prints, for a few days.  Which got me a little worried, because I could hear my dad saying “macular degeneration is genetic”.  I also began amping out during this time.  The amping was a bit different then when I would amp previously.  This one was lower, it was easy to tell it was all coming from my guts.  So, I added small amounts of animal protein for a few days, while, I tried to figure out why I was amping out and why skin was clearing up.  The addition of the animal proteins was very noticeable, shew!!  The addition of animal proteins also seemed to halt the regression of the sun spots.

So, I did some research on how sun spots happen.  Guess what I found?  I found that I had reversed the mechanisms that cause all melanoma based cancers.  Holy cow!!  I made that bitch eat her own shit!!  Who’s gonna believe this??  I also realized I need to add some additional copper to my diet to calm down the amp-ish-ness caused by the processes happening.  I only ingested animal proteins for about three days and in very small amounts.

Now I am trying to figure out simple way to duplicate that regression of melanomas for others to utilize.  Would be nice if it was just my homebrewed concoction of herbs and spices, wouldn’t it?

There are some other factors in my treatment that might be playing a role, that could be difficult to duplicate for others; I smoke cigarettes daily, and I utilize marijuana daily (mostly just smoke it) but also have balms and edibles I utilize occasionally.  I also utilize and make essential oils for many things, but I neglected to track my usage of them during this experiment.  I already had a fairly clean diet that didn’t include fast foods and very few processed foods, and my weight was in a normal to reduced state upon starting this diet.  I cooked at home mostly, already.  I did eat animal proteins regularly (eggs, yogurt, chicken, and some beef) prior to diet. Like most Americans, I would base most my meals around the animal protein involved.  So, this diet change was not huge for me.  And possibly why I am experiencing such quick results.

I used to have this like hard-ish bump on the left side in my neck that I felt was very noticeable, almost like a hardened vein or something like that.  It was in a vein that runs up the neck into the skull.  It started hurting in that area, about a week ago, like a pulled muscle, so I went to mirror and notice that hardish bump and moved down.  The area above looked like normal and the ugly part had moved down.  Bye-bye Stiff-Neck!!  I have been paying attention to lymph health throughout this experiment with food choices and stimuli.

Just a few days ago I was inspecting the skin on my legs for age spot changes, to monitor, and I noticed that the spider veins I have had on my thighs, since I was in my early 20’s, are reducing and changing.  I attributed these spider veins to birth control usage and standing long hours.  I stopped birth control, way back then, when I noticed them.  They never went away, and didn’t progress much over the years, I just had these ugly spider veins on my thighs, just above my knees.  But now they are changing.

When I first started this RNA starving diet I noticed several hairs falling from my head, most times they were grey.  However, it was just today I thought to check them and sure enough there is a huge reduction of my grey hairs.  WOW!!

I am still researching and producing works regarding biogenic amines, but I needed take a moment to figure out what was happening to me.  And I realized that I am making RNA eat her own shit.  I have mulled over my research findings and decided to let you all know where I was at.  Take that RNA!!

Interested to know more…….you know what to do.

Anybody wanna run tests on me??????????????????

DNA RNA Protein