I wrote an informative paper on alleviating depression in preteens through young adults.  The answer to the depression epidemic is within.  Check it out and chime in with your comments.  Thanks for reading.  Have an awesome day.

Depression Cover Pic edited

Life seems anything but difficult for preteens, teenagers, and young adults these days.  But, for some reason mental health issues are on the rise in this age group, along with suicide rates.  How has this young generation come to have such a low self-worth, so much so, that they feel useless to the world?  What causes someone who seemingly has experienced so little in life to want to, give up, and take their own life?  Is it hopeless for these children and young adults? What can we do to help these kids?

First off, there is still hope.  Secondly, the first line of defense is YOU.  YOU, the caregiver of these children, can help them the most.  “How so?”, you may ask.  There are several natural ways to help your children progress through this stage of life less traumatically.

We all realize that these kids are going through major hormone changes.  These hormone changes bring with them new thoughts, feelings, and elevated stimuli.  However, these children have a new stimulus that wasn’t available to previous generations, they have smart phones, and tablets, personal computing devices, online gaming, instant messages, fast easy food, and microwaves.  Things are a lot different for them than any generation prior, so it is no wonder that current psychiatric protocols for treatment are not working to help these kids.

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