Not long ago on a first date, it was brazenly expressed to me that, “Feelings were unnecessary and a waste of energy.” I reflected upon this statement and queried, “What about gut feelings?”

“Without feelings, we wouldn’t be able to respond to beauty — which may be our mightiest conduit of connection with the living world — and therefore wouldn’t be able to recognize and classify things as beautiful; we wouldn’t distinguish between pleasurable and painful experiences; we wouldn’t have ideals that motivate us to reach beyond ourselves; we wouldn’t register the rewarding gratification of making a discovery or exercising generosity or creating something new, and therefore wouldn’t be impelled to do those things.” – Maria Popova

thestrangeorderofthings_damasio“It is not possible to talk about thinking, intelligence, and creativity in any meaningful way without factoring in feelings.” – Antonio Damasio”

“The Strange Order Of Things,” a book by Antonio Damasio described by Maria Popova as, “re-emerging a celebration of curiosity and a reminder that intelligent, informed speculation is how we expand the territory of knowledge by moving the boundary of the knowable further into the unknown,” in her recent post at (click to read it)

Looks like an interesting read. I might carry a copy of it on my next date. 😉